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Dean was an amazing instructor, he was entirely flexible when it came to my university timetable, and the long breaks I would take during uni holidays. Would greatly recommend to drivers on any level, especially Dean.

Yogesh Patel

Debbie May is a great driving instructor and very good at her job. I passed 1st time and grateful for all her hard work with me.

Vicky Anderson

Roger Fleming is a great instructor and I couldn't have asked for more! He's friendly and keeps conversation on your lessons, which I've always found to be relaxing. He's patient and works with you to get to a really high standard so you're prepared for your test. I've had a few driving instructors before, but none have compared to how confident I feel getting behind the wheel now. Not only do I see him as my driving instructor, I also see him as a friend I'll have for years to come. I couldn't recommend him highly enough

Tom Desborough

Brilliant service!! Did everything possible to get me through my test, would highly reccomend John and the company to anyone who is learning to drive they'll do anything for you and answer and questions you have!

Tom Mycroft

It was good. Great driving school with great instructors. Dean was very patient and explained the technicalities of where I needed to improve and how.

Tolulope Osinibi

Debbie May is an outstanding driving instructor that helped me pass my driving test first time! Deb is a friendly, bubbly instructor who is always up for a laugh whilst providing professional guidance during lessons. During every single one of my lessons I have thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with Debbie and would recommend her to anyone learning to drive with 1st Driving School! I could not of asked for a better driving instructor to help me pass my driving test :)

Tobias Lynch

Massive appreciation to both the company & Dean. The time and effort he was willing to put in, along with the patience and allowing me to learn at my own pace was amazing and incredibly supportive. Couldn't recommend him enough to anyone who asks, even swapped cars halfway through and he made it feel flawless!

Thomas Wilson

Dan is a great instructor, he's very informed and is a great teacher. My days with Dan we're learning new manoeuvres and perfecting/getting better at old ones. He has a great personality to match, I always looked forward to our lesson for the jokes and "haha's" (but he kept it professional). I've already advised a friend to go to him and I would advise anyone to ask for Dan. After all it's hard to find the best instructor ever.

Terry Smith

Geoff is an amazing instructor who was patient and observing at each moment. He helped me to fine tune my driving After failing my test the first time. Thank you so much

Tarila Cedras

I'm so happy I went with 1st Driving School because they were friendly and patient, I'd like to say a special thank you to Debra May especially because not only did she believe in me but I believe that without her I wouldn't have passed my test! I would definitely recommend Debra May as she was polite and considerate and made me feel at ease in lessons. Again, thank you Debra.

Tara Butler

After having 3 different instructors 1st driving was my last resort and wish I had gone with them from the beginning. My instructor Rita was so kind and encouraging which made me look forward to having a lesson with her. Each lesson I learnt something new to help me improve my driving. I am so thankful that Rita helped me pass my test!! I would recommend her to anyone!

Tammy Walters

My lessons with Andrew Blain were fun and enjoyable, I was looking forward to them rather than being nervous. My instructor was thorough and patient, which greatly helped my confidence. Flexibility was also a big bonus. I would recommend to anyone!

Sylwia Dalkiewicz

Would definitely recommend 1st Driving. The way everything is organised is great and not overpriced like some intensive courses. And i couldn't have asked for a better instructor, Dan has been amazing. Thank you so much 1st Driving!!! 😃

Susan Sercombe

I can't thank and recommend John Cooke from 1st Driving School enough! I have always been a nervous passenger and never even considered driving until a lot of nagging from my other half which meant that I should consider 'trying'. From my very first lesson I felt comfortable and safe with John. John was always available for lessons, even at awkward times. I went from a nervous wreck to passing my test, with confidence! All thanks to John!

Sian Waldron

Roger has been great. From the get go he put me at ease, making every lesson interesting; allowing me to become more confident. It's been a pleasure to learn with him. Thank you very much Roger!

Sian Tredwell

Robert Parker - I had him from day one, he's an absolute amazing driving instructor! Always made my lessons fun and enjoyable! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! Fantastic driving instructor! I enjoyed every lesson with him. Very pleased with how he taught me to drive!

Shannon Harbon

I had a wonderful instructor Eric who has been very patient with me for the last 10 weeks. I had a deadline to pass my test by and I have managed to pass my test first time. Flexible lessons when I needed them and extra hours leading up to my test I couldn't be happier with the service I received. Patience and understanding helps along way in passing your test.

Sarah Cutts

My instructor Andy was phenomenal, very much recommended, showed great patience and is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure success, and this lead to me passing first time.

Samuel Babalola

I cannot recommend Michael enough. He is the perfect instructor for first time drivers, right from the start he was patient and kind but never let me get too complacent. He always pushed me to do better because he knew what I was capable of and he always made time for our lessons each week no matter how busy he was. By the time I took my test there wasn't a single area I felt unprepared in. Thank you so much for everything I couldn't have done it without you!!!!!

Samantha Redman-Bradbury

I had driving lessons with Roger Fleming, for both the driving test and pass plus. All together it took over a year, because I was nervous at the start. I had driving lessons previously with other instructors when I was 17 and after university but gave up due to finding it difficult and running out of money. He was very patient and I got more confidence, so have passed the test and completed pass plus. Now I've got my first car and am driving independently. Thanks

Samantha James

I was taught to drive by Debbie May and I couldn't have wished for a better instructor. I have had some troubles with my driving along the way but she always advised me to do the right thing and take more lessons before my test. I had my driving test this morning and passed with 1 minor and I couldn't have done it without her.

Rose Lane

This is Rory's mum (I paid for the lessons so should have my say!). First thing to say is - Rory passed 1st time!!! Both theory and practical! Mark Reveley was recommended to me by a good friend who got a first time pass with him, he had been recommended to her by another friend (again first time pass). I can't recommend Mark enough. He is patient, personable and obviously good at getting first time passes!

Rory Hostler

I have passed first time with Mark Reveley because he was so patient, friendly and very helpful even when you make a mistake. He doesn't get angry or impatient when you keep doing something wrong. For me, it was a tough decision finding a good instructor but I found the best I could. I can only recommend him for anyone who is looking for an instructor, you wont regret it.

Roland Hantosi

I passed first time thanks to Roger Fleming the best driving instructor by far. Roger is stern but very fair exactly what I needed after being with a different independant instructor before I never thought I could pass. Roger has changed all that for me and changed my life I feel so independant now and that is all thanks to Roger brilliant driving instructor and now a good friend thank you 1st driving school for your professional services.

Eve Steele

A massive thank you to Roger who helped me gain my confidence back after taking a break from driving years ago. Super helpful made me feel relaxed all the way through my learning experience! Highly recommend him to anyone, top bloke as well!!

Tom Hawley

Thanks to 1st driving school for getting me through my test today with only one minor. A special thanks to my instructor Roger Fleming who was great and is very highly recommended in the future. Thanks again.

Richard Gallant

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