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Motorway Driving Lessons


  • Gain confidence on motorways
  • Become a better safer driver
  • Only available after you have passed your normal driving test

Motorway Driving Lessons will help

Motorway Driving Lessons are a popular addition to new drivers to help gain confidence and understanding of motorway driving.


To new drivers the thought of going up that slip road for the first time is pretty daunting. Everything is faster and motorway drivers just seem to drive 'differently'. We'll help you get to grips with motorways pretty quickly, from the legal conventions to general motorway etiquette.


The benefits of having motorway driving lessons should hopefully make you a safer driver on the UK's motorway network.



Booking Motorway Driving Lessons

To book a motorway driving lesson just visit our or call us on 0800 107 5197.


Please note you must have already passed your normal driving test to be able to drive on the motorwat.


Real Life Experiences : Motorway Lessons

You'll be surprised how many people take motorway lessons, from new drivers to experienced drivers we can really help make the difference between a stressful and an easy journey.


another pupil passedGillian Davies from Nottingham called us wanting to take Motorway lessons.

Gillian has been driving for 26 years but has always avoided the motorway and never had the need to go on one until her daughter joined a new rugby team and she was told she needed to be taken to matches all over the UK.
Gillian was petrified of the thought of going on a motorway so decided to take some tuition to try and gain her some experience.

Well done to Gillian Davies from Nottingham


Gillian’s comments:

I have taken 5 lessons on the Motorway now and my instructor helped me enormously.
I no longer feel afraid and am ready to get on there now. Thanks a lot