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Run Your Own Driving School Franchise

It's now time to be your own boss running a 1st Driving School Franchise!


You're not just joining any old driving school, you're joining one of the county's most established and well respected driving schools with a solid reputation both from those we've taught to drive to instructors within the industry.


Why 1st Driving School?

1st Driving School place great emphasis on providing an efficient and quality training service to our pupils and have recognised that achieving these high standards we needed to offer an excellent franchise package that would attract the best driving instructors.


As a newly qualified or experienced driving instructor you have probably been deciding whether to go with a larger organisation or a small independent, family run business like 1st Driving School. First and foremost you can rest assure that you will be your own boss - you decide where and when you work. This doesn't mean you are totally left alone: we are on hand to offer any advice that you may need, anytime.


Being a family run business, we like to make sure that all our instructors are happy and strive to create the best operating environment possible. If you are a newly qualified instructor then you'll appreciate the fact that help is on hand 7 days a week.


Easy Start Up Plans

1st Driving School Franchises have no complicated tables for franchise fees to work out.


1st Driving School Franchise 

We offer 4 franchise options:

£45 a week for 5 active pupils
£60 a week for 10 active pupils
£75 a week for 15 active pupils
£90 a week for unlimited pupils

Option to use our roof box only for 1st Driving School pupils or with our full car livery.

The franchise fee will not start until we have given you 10 active pupils or 5 if you opt for the 5 active pupil franchise.




1st Driving School Franchise : Enquiry

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